Saturday, December 3, 2011

School X Meiji


Hi readers~!! I'm SO sorry for ignoring my blog for the past few weeks!! >.<
I have been really really busy with school work and lately I have been trying to spend more time with my family so..

Anyway, since I am still buried under my pile of school work, I thought why not I share with you what I am doing? Haha ^o^
Currently I am taking a subject on Marketing for Designers ^_^
Btw, I am a design student taking visual communication for those who didn't know..

マーケティングを習っています ^_^ 

MacのPCばかりだね ^w^

宿題 =.=

So basically we don't just learn all the artsy and design stuff but also things like marketing which is needed for good designing.
And currently we are doings something like case studies where we apply our understanding of marketing on a single company we have chosen.
And of course I chose........

マーケティングストラテジーを簡単に説明すると、商品の売り方って言う意味です ^_^

はは ^o^
なぜ明治を選んだかと言うと、明治のおかしがおいしいだけではなく、パッケージのデザインとか、CMも面白いので。。好きなんですデザイン的に #^.^#

Meiji!! \(^o^)/
Meiji for those who don't know, is one of Japan's largest confectionary and dairy product brand~
And in my opinion they have some of the most yummy and creative snacks ^w^
And of course I love Meiji for it's fun and creative ads and tv commercials as well as their package and character designs.





And so I want to use this opportunity to share with my Singaporean friends my top 5 favourite meiji snacks!!

At number 5, "Apollo" is one of my favourite childhood chocolate snack~

This is WAY better than pocky I swear!! This one is called "Fran", and it is awesome!!

Do try fran whips strawberry flavour!! It has 2 coats of chocolate; one white and the other strawberry~ ^w^

This is another awesome invention. "Galbo chip" is a crunchy chocolate snack worth trying!! This one I am quite sure most of you guys will like~

They got a new version called "Galbo cube".
I've not tried this one, but the commercial is kinda funny ^o^

Sorry, I can't possibly translate the whole commercial for you.. So for those who know Japanese I hope you enjoyed it~ There's more!! Haha..

"Takenoko no Sato" looks simple but the texture and taste is amazing!!

The crunchy biscuit is covered in a layer of milky chocolate, SUPAR NICE!!
And it's twin "Kinoko no Yama" is worth a shot too ^_^

This 2 similar chocolates launched at the same time. And although I like the first one better, this character that looks like a mushroom is hysterical!! I love the personality that meiji has given him ^o^

This one I HAVE to show you guys the commercial!!


The first one is the latest one, and the second video is the oldest one ^_^
If you could understand, the older one is the funniest!! Haha!!

And my number 1 is "Melty Kiss"!!
This one is out of this world!!!!!!
You can take the words literally!! It's chocolate that melts in your mouth..

I like the simplicity of the commercial.. Looks so fun in the snow ^_^

Here is a few others that I want to show you!!

This next one is not very recent, but I want to share it with you guys because.. ITS SO PRETTY!! >.<
I love the attention to details in creating the setting to this commercial!~

Love the song~

This last one is my favourite conceptually ^w^
And its pretty recent..
This one you will be able to understand without knowing Japanese~

I love that it ends off with giving his granddaughter the signature meiji chocolate bar o(>~<)o


That's all folks~!!
Will do my best to keep up with blogging ^_^
Hope you enjoyed this post.. Do leave a comment!! \(^o^)/

ここまでです ^o^

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Trend Report: つけえり & ひざ丈スカート (Collars and Knee Length Skirts) + Mini Photoshoot

ユッキーがまたトレンドレポートをします~ ^w^

Hi hi (^o^)/
I haven't blogged in almost 2 weeks I think.. I apologise >.< You have no idea how busy I am in school.. =.=
Anyway I hope this blog is not dead yet, because I will be sharing with you again yet another fashion trend in Japan!!



One of the trend that is growing in Japan this year, is "tsuke eri" ^_^
In english I would call it a the Collar Accessory. Its like a separate collar than you can just wear on like a necklace.
My favourite brand Emoda, has been selling collar accessories earlier this year already during its SS collection.


Popular gyaru model Kumicky also took on the collar accessory!!


This will also go well with mode style too~ ^o^
Don't know what is mode style? Click here

This trend is so popular now, that even Japanese fashion magazines gives them out with their magazines to prompt readers to buy them!!
And I was so thrilled that Vivi magazine decided to cooperate with one of my favourite mode style brand, Murua, to make a collar accessory!! >.<

私が好きなモード系ブランドMuruaとコラボして ^w^

Here is to show you how I decided to wear it~

What do you think?
Did I wear them well? Haha..
Or did Lena beat me to it?
Well she did get to match the collar with original Murua clothes =.=

でも私がもっているのもかわいいよーー ^w^

Isn't the white laced collar in the picture above pretty?!!
That one belongs to Emoda..
But I have a similar one which I bought from the Harajuku Street Style event in Singapore and its equally pretty~!!
It is also a Japanese brand ^_^ Called 'Mystic".

You can match these lace collars with almost anything!!
Like wearing them with bright colours..

Or matching them with a classic black ^_^

This brand Mystic, is another Japanese brand worth checking out!!
They sell casual clothes.. But still VERY JAPANESE!!
Here is their website ^o^
And guess what? I have actually met the designer of this brand before ^w^ He was a pretty humble guy..

で、じつは私一回Mysticのデザイナーさんと会った事があるんですよーー!!性格良さそうな方でした ^o^

I know Japan has lots of these collar accessories.. But sadly, Singapore does not TT__TT
But you can always make one yourself!!
That's what I did in the picture below~
It was my first collar accessory!!


ちょー簡単です #^.^#

You just have to buy lace, then sew a button ^o^
Really easy!!
If not try online shopping ^_^ You might stand a better chance of finding these collar accessories on Japanese/Korean fashion blog shops..

If you recall I was already wearing these pearl collars in my first photoshoot for this blog ^o^
Pretty right?

えりとつけえりをかさねてもかわいいですよ ^o^

Now here's a tip!!
If you do it right, layering collars from your top with a collar accessory can be pretty too!! Try it!!

次は、ひざ丈スカートです ^_^

The knee length skirt is also very popular in Japan now!!

レトロと似合うアイテムです ^o^



That's all for now~
Hope you enjoyed this post ^w^
Do leave a comment!!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tokyo Girls Collection SS 2011 Stage Report


今日TGCのステージリポートをブログにアップしちゃいました~ o(>~<)o

Hi readers~!!
Sorry for not updating =.= School has started for me as well and I must say its very hard to find time to blog..
Anyway, today's post is gonna be stage report of Japan's top runway show,
2011 Spring Summer
And I've got the images, video, and information to update you on Japan's most hottest fashion show \(^o^)/


The one I'm going to show you today is this years SS Collection, and the concept is Tokyo Romantic Fever.
Although the AW one is the latest, I thought it would make sense that I show you guys the spring summer show first since Singapore is summer all year.
Moving on..

What is Tokyo Girls Collection?

Tokyo Girls Collection, commonly said as TGC, is not a brand. Its the name of the fashion show ^_^
It is a show where they gather some of the most popular local clothing brands to do a walk on the runway.
They book an entire concert hall/stadium and fill the place with thousands of people and a ton of press.
They also have live performances, talks, booths that sell fashions goods, fan meet sessions, ALL IN ONE EVENT!!
Pretty cool right? #^.^#

So time to show you the pictures of the show!!

This year, one of Japan's most popular model, Nozomi Sasaki, was the first to walk down the runway~
She was walking for L.D.S

And in no particular order this brand below is
Heather (ヘザー)

Kitson (キットソン)
I like this one!! It has a moroccan feel to it and I love it~!!
The season concept for Kitson was "Ethno Resort".

Apuweiser-riche (アプワイザリッシェ)
I like that this brand as an elegance with a young spin to it ^_^

The bohemian looking style seems to be very popular at this collection..

MiiA (ミーア)

Cecil McBee (セシルマクビー)


Girls Doors (ガールズドアーズ)

日本のファッションいいねーって思うよね?^w^ 笑

I have all the pictures for this show, but I don't have the time to edit all of them so the pictures up there is all I can give you >.< Sorry~

For those who wanna see clips of the runway, below are a few that I think is worth watching ^o^

But just to warn my Singaporean friends,
I know you are used to seeing the western style of runway shows =.= So don't feel weird when you see this one where all the Japanese girls in the audience are all screaming going "kyaaaa" while the models are waving back at them. #^.^#
Well thats because models are like idols in Japan, so it might seem like a concert more than a fashion show for some.. But anyways, enjoy!! (^o^)/

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