Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tokyo Girls Collection SS 2011 Stage Report


今日TGCのステージリポートをブログにアップしちゃいました~ o(>~<)o

Hi readers~!!
Sorry for not updating =.= School has started for me as well and I must say its very hard to find time to blog..
Anyway, today's post is gonna be stage report of Japan's top runway show,
2011 Spring Summer
And I've got the images, video, and information to update you on Japan's most hottest fashion show \(^o^)/


The one I'm going to show you today is this years SS Collection, and the concept is Tokyo Romantic Fever.
Although the AW one is the latest, I thought it would make sense that I show you guys the spring summer show first since Singapore is summer all year.
Moving on..

What is Tokyo Girls Collection?

Tokyo Girls Collection, commonly said as TGC, is not a brand. Its the name of the fashion show ^_^
It is a show where they gather some of the most popular local clothing brands to do a walk on the runway.
They book an entire concert hall/stadium and fill the place with thousands of people and a ton of press.
They also have live performances, talks, booths that sell fashions goods, fan meet sessions, ALL IN ONE EVENT!!
Pretty cool right? #^.^#

So time to show you the pictures of the show!!

This year, one of Japan's most popular model, Nozomi Sasaki, was the first to walk down the runway~
She was walking for L.D.S

And in no particular order this brand below is
Heather (ヘザー)

Kitson (キットソン)
I like this one!! It has a moroccan feel to it and I love it~!!
The season concept for Kitson was "Ethno Resort".

Apuweiser-riche (アプワイザリッシェ)
I like that this brand as an elegance with a young spin to it ^_^

The bohemian looking style seems to be very popular at this collection..

MiiA (ミーア)

Cecil McBee (セシルマクビー)


Girls Doors (ガールズドアーズ)

日本のファッションいいねーって思うよね?^w^ 笑

I have all the pictures for this show, but I don't have the time to edit all of them so the pictures up there is all I can give you >.< Sorry~

For those who wanna see clips of the runway, below are a few that I think is worth watching ^o^

But just to warn my Singaporean friends,
I know you are used to seeing the western style of runway shows =.= So don't feel weird when you see this one where all the Japanese girls in the audience are all screaming going "kyaaaa" while the models are waving back at them. #^.^#
Well thats because models are like idols in Japan, so it might seem like a concert more than a fashion show for some.. But anyways, enjoy!! (^o^)/

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Friday, October 21, 2011

iPhone Apps ♥

やっほー \(^o^)/

Today's post is gonna be fun!!
I'm going to share with you some of my favourite camera and photo decoration apps~!!

I think almost everyone knows Instagram and Pixlromatic..
They are awesome so if you don't have it in your iPhone, DOWNLOAD THEM NOW!!
I absolutely love neoprints, but don't you girls wish that you could do the same effects on your iPhone??
Yes you can!! ^w^
"Tappi Snap" and "Snapee" are goooood o(>~<)o

So for the "Snapee" app, take a picture first..
Then I recommend using Instagram or Pixlromatic to change the colour/effect of the picture ^_^ Definitely looks better that way..

Then upload it on snapee and decorate!!
Check out all the cute stamps and frames~

A simple one done!! (^o^)/

Two more examples with the same app~

This next app called "Tappi Snap" is SOOOOO CUTE!!

So do the same thing,
take a photo first then photo filter it on other apps..

Then start decorating~!! \(^o^)/


This app is my favourite!! >.<

はは ↑ ↑

Thats it for now #^.^#
Have fun with it!! Bye~

Oh one more thing.....
It's really that size!! >.<
Make-up do wonders alright?!!

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Harajuku Event & Nabiyuki on Tokyo Kawaii TV!

皆さんこんにちはーー!!またゆきえです~ ^w^
先週シンガポールの原宿ストリートスタイルって言うイベントに行ってきました (^o^)/

Haro ^w^ Yukie posting again~
And last week I went to the "Harajuku Street Style" event at CK Tangs Orchard
It was a really cool event!! They were selling clothes from various Japanese brands, fashion shows etc..

セレブや人気のブロガーが来ました ^w^

Utt, and famous bloggers like Xiaxue, Cheesie and Qiu Qiu was there~

Harajuku lolita designers came all the way from Japan too~!!

Famous Japanese street style photographer Rei Shito showed up as well!!

人いっぱいでした =.=

There were tons of people..

Here are photos of the fashion show!!
(Photos by Calvin Wong)

Me taking pictures for this blog >.<

びっくりでしょ?笑 ^o^

Japan's NHK television show "Tokyo Kawaii TV" came to Singapore to during the time of this event!!
And I'm proud to say that Nabihah was working as a staff member for them!!!!! \(^o^)/ Cool right?!! Haha..
But guess whats cooler..
This was not her first time working with Tokyo Kawaii TV!!
I shan't talk about this further because she will be blogging about it in details herself..
Look forward to it kay?!!

Although this year was not Nabihah's first time, it was mine #^.^#
Me and my friend Shanice got interviewed by Tokyo Kawaii TV at this Harajuku Street Style event~
We talked about our styles and about some items/clothes we liked that was selling at the event..
We got filmed but its up to them if they want to use the scene ^_^ Maybe they won't but the experience was good enough for me because that TV show was one of my favourites~ Haha!!

So what is Tokyo Kawaii TV about?
This show is about all things "kawaii" in Japan ^_^
So like Japanese fashion, lifestyle goods and things like that~
Its a good show!!

And if Tokyo Kawaii TV wasn't enough to make me nervous until I died, I was interviewed and taken shots by 2 other press websites =.=


I covered the logo on the mic!! Haha!! Don't want you guys to see the video >.< SO EMBARRASSING!!

And check out the mess in my hair..


This is the coolest part,
we met Cheesie!!!! o(>~<)o
She's a popular Malaysian gyaru blogger, and I got to know her from Xiaxue's blog..
I'm a fan of her cause her Japanese fashion sense is NO JOKE!! Its really gooood~
She was waiting to film a scene with Tokyo Kawaii TV I think and when I saw here standing from a distance I was like, "Are you Cheesie?!!" out loud O_O


We got to take a picture with her!! Yay~ \(^o^)/

Cheesie filming Tokyo Kawaii TV~

Nabihah working hard!!


Made new friends!! ^o^

バイバイ (^o^)/

Ending off with a glam picture of myself.. LOL!!
Bye~ (^o^)/

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Daddy's New Restaurant

Photographs taken by Yukie

Hello again~ (^o^)/
Nabihah is busy and working hard in school, so I will be posting again!! Still in the midst of my holidays.. Yay!!

Today's post in not gonna be about fashion, its pictures of my daddy's new restaurant!! ^w^
And it's called, "Othello"
My dad is a business man, and he owns several restaurants of different names in orchard, marina square, east coast etc..
I love this new one!! The food is good as always but since I'm into design, I LOVE THE INTERIOR DESIGN AND CONCEPT OF THIS RESTAURANT!! 

店の名前は "オセロ"
おしゃれで好きでちゅーー o(>~<)o

Check out the handle of the door!!

This is the outside..

And that's how the place looks inside..

Pretty right?!!
And I know my friend shu mai is gonna love the type/font design of the name of the restaurant.. Hehe ^_^ Coz I do!!

The food is awesome too!!

デザートもめっちゃうまだよ~ん ^w^

I'm not allowed to post pictures of my family friend there on the right on the internet, so I covered his face.. Lol
That's my mom there on the left!!

Here's the address of the restaurant:
12 Greenwood Avenue


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