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Tokyo Girls Collection SS 2011 Stage Report


今日TGCのステージリポートをブログにアップしちゃいました~ o(>~<)o

Hi readers~!!
Sorry for not updating =.= School has started for me as well and I must say its very hard to find time to blog..
Anyway, today's post is gonna be stage report of Japan's top runway show,
2011 Spring Summer
And I've got the images, video, and information to update you on Japan's most hottest fashion show \(^o^)/


The one I'm going to show you today is this years SS Collection, and the concept is Tokyo Romantic Fever.
Although the AW one is the latest, I thought it would make sense that I show you guys the spring summer show first since Singapore is summer all year.
Moving on..

What is Tokyo Girls Collection?

Tokyo Girls Collection, commonly said as TGC, is not a brand. Its the name of the fashion show ^_^
It is a show where they gather some of the most popular local clothing brands to do a walk on the runway.
They book an entire concert hall/stadium and fill the place with thousands of people and a ton of press.
They also have live performances, talks, booths that sell fashions goods, fan meet sessions, ALL IN ONE EVENT!!
Pretty cool right? #^.^#

So time to show you the pictures of the show!!

This year, one of Japan's most popular model, Nozomi Sasaki, was the first to walk down the runway~
She was walking for L.D.S

And in no particular order this brand below is
Heather (ヘザー)

Kitson (キットソン)
I like this one!! It has a moroccan feel to it and I love it~!!
The season concept for Kitson was "Ethno Resort".

Apuweiser-riche (アプワイザリッシェ)
I like that this brand as an elegance with a young spin to it ^_^

The bohemian looking style seems to be very popular at this collection..

MiiA (ミーア)

Cecil McBee (セシルマクビー)


Girls Doors (ガールズドアーズ)

日本のファッションいいねーって思うよね?^w^ 笑

I have all the pictures for this show, but I don't have the time to edit all of them so the pictures up there is all I can give you >.< Sorry~

For those who wanna see clips of the runway, below are a few that I think is worth watching ^o^

But just to warn my Singaporean friends,
I know you are used to seeing the western style of runway shows =.= So don't feel weird when you see this one where all the Japanese girls in the audience are all screaming going "kyaaaa" while the models are waving back at them. #^.^#
Well thats because models are like idols in Japan, so it might seem like a concert more than a fashion show for some.. But anyways, enjoy!! (^o^)/

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  2. Hello there! Wow, hahah after reading your blog I'm more into Japanese fashion! :) Hmm hey, I was wondering, do you know where can I find an a-symmetrical skirt? :O)

  3. I think you can try finding them at topshop, zara, new look or MDS ^_^ Just try walking around shops in ion and wismia~ But I cant gaurentee.. You need luck too!! So good luck!!

  4. i like kitson!!!! very pretty XD post more!!!!

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  8. i want to see the aw one too! post them soon (:

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