Sunday, March 11, 2012

Introducing Momoko Ogihara & MURUA

Hello there (^o^)/
For this post I will be introducing to you a popular fashion icon and brand.

彼女のモード系アパレルブランドMURUAを皆さんに紹介したいと思います ^w^

So this is Momoko Ogihara ↑↑

She is a popular fashion producer/designer in Japan.
And as the face of her own brand Murua,
she has become a well-loved fashion icon locally and even overseas.

Since her brand debuted in 2006,
she has featured and covered on tons of Japanese Fashion Magazines.

So far she has released 2 photobooks of her and her brand..

Here's behind the scenes of her first Momoko premium book ^_^


MURUA is a Mode Kei brand.
And I think you guys know that I am a HUGE FAN of Japanese Mode Fashion o(>~<)o

The thing that I love about this brand is that it is very versatile.
They are really not afraid to play around with fashion and still make it wearable for young girls to wear as casual clothing.

MURUA has come up with many different season concepts since their debut,
but I'll share with you pictures starting from last year's SS collection.

So here is their 2011 SS collection,
"Fairy Sensual"


They used world class fashion blogger Carolina Engman as their model for that season.
And this Fairy Sensual collection is one of my favourite actually ^.^

Below is the video catalogue of that season's collection.
Do watch!! It is really awesome and absolutely worth watching!!

This next one is their 2011 AW Collection.
"Retro Modern Art ~Coquettish Girl~"

Pretty interesting right?
This collection was inspired by a Dutch art movement called De Stijl,
and they used the idea of contructive shapes and colour blocking.

So this year's SS collection is called
"Flower Girl"

And so far I'm loving the colour palatte and designs >.<
This collection is absolutely beautiful..

I have ALL the pictures of this collection's photoshoot
so do check our blog again when I give a full post about this year's Flower Girl collection!! \(^o^)/

Here's a sneak peak~ ^w^

Momoko Ogihara's taste for fashion is soooo interesting.

I love the way she coordinates her clothes and her take on mode fashion.

And she is super fashionable on a daily basis.

These are her coordinates from the Fairy Sensual collection..

And these are from the Retro Modern Art collection..

Isn't she awesome?
Haha ^o^

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post~
I will be sharing with you more fashion brands and personalities so do stay tuned~

Click here to go to Momoko's Blog

See you!!

Pictures from Momoko Ogihara's Blog,


  1. The long skirts from fairy sensual are so nice!!!!!

  2. キレイな人だねー (*´▽`* )

  3. oh gosh the clothes are so nice! do they sell in singapore?

    1. Sadly no :( But they have a webstore!!