Friday, April 27, 2012

Introducing Rie Matsuoka & Ank Rouge

Hey guys!!
Today I'll be introducing to you another Japanese fashion icon and brand \(^o^)/
And this post is going to be GIRLY~~~~


The super kawaii girl in the picture up there is Rie Matsuoka ↑↑

And she is the director of her own brand called
Ank Rouge

Here's a video of Ank Rouge's first store opening~
Its all in Japanese so I'm sorry for those who don't understand >.<

Before becoming a designer,
Rie Matsuoka was first a dokusha model of popular Japanese gyaru magazine, Popteen.

And for those who don't know,
dokusha model (also known as doku mo in short) is "reader model" when directly translated.
What it means is a model from among the readers of the magazine ^_^ 

Rie Matsuoka has featured in Popteen many times as well as other gyaru magazines
and has become a popular face and fashion icon in Japan!!

Here are more pictures of Rie Matsuoka for you~

As you can see, Rie Matsuoka has a very sweet and girly style ^w^
And according to her, her brand concept of Ank Rouge is
"Nostalgic Sweet"
Here's this year's season pictures of Ank Rouge!!

Pretty right? o(>~<)o
I love the setting of the pictures!!

That's all my friends ^.^
Hope you liked it~

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trend Report: デニムとシャーベットカラー (Denim & Sherbet Colours)


今年の春夏のトレンドレポートを報告したいと思います ^_^

It's been a while since I last blogged ^.^
Apologies, I was in Japan for a while~
Anyway, here comes another trend report!! \(^o^)/

And this year,
seems to be very hot in Japan now!!

I'm sure everyone owns a pair of demin jeans or shorts
but there are so many ways to play around with denim!!

And this spring summer,
Japan has caught a fever for denim wear o(>~<)o
A lot of magazines have shown an obsession for denim fashion!!

Here are more pictures of denim fashion!!

I love the mix of texture for this look ↓↓

Nylon Japan made denim fashion their cover story!!

And my favourite brand Emoda has taken an obsession for this trend too ^o^

Ena Matsumoto and her brand has clearly taken a liking for denim wear (^o^)b
(Don't know who is Ena Matsumoto & Emoda? Click here )

Japanese fashion blogger and brand producer Yoshida Reika is a big fan or denim too~ ↓↓

Isn't she pretty?  #^.^#

She likes denim so much, she made the season concept for her clothing brand dedicated to denim wear~
Below are the pictures from her brand's fashion show o(>~<)o


The next trend I'm going to share with you is
Sherbet Colours

 Wearing sherbet colour items is very very popular in Japan now ^_^
I know that in this year's Spring Summer of Tokyo Girls Collection, these colours where frequently spotted on the runway~ 

Dazzlin has quite alot of clothes that are sherbet colours this season ^w^

Sherbet colours are pretty close to pastel colours,
but I do think that sherbet colours are a little more vivid than pastel colours ^o^ 
Japanese brand "One Way"
has dedicated their season concept to sherbet colours as well~

That's all!!
Hope you liked it and do leave a comment ^o^

Pictures from Seventeen Japan, Happy Nuts Magazine,
Blenda, S.Cawaii, Jelly, Ena Matsumoto's Blog,
Yoshida Reika's Blog

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Introducing Ena Matsumoto & EMODA

I will be introducing to you guys my favourite Japanese designer and brand,
Ena Matsumoto and her clothing line EMODA.

Ena Matsumoto is a young fashion producer of her own mode kei brand, Emoda.
(Don't know what is mode kei? Click here )


Like Momoko Ogihara, Ena is the face of her own brand
and she has covered and featured in tons of Japanese magazines.
(Click here to read about Momoko Ogihara)

I must say, Ena Matsumoto and her brand is geting VERY POPULAR!!
So far her brand has released 3 brand books and 2 magazines
and on top of that Ena had her own photobook!!

I would think that she is more popular than Momoko in Japan >.<

If that's not enough her brand has launched a line of false lashes and Ena even released her own single!!

And MTV did an episode of her and her brand twice..
Below is the video of the first part~

She is successful no doubt,
but this girl is working hard man.. =.=

So here's the fun part ^o^
I will be showing you pictures from previous collections~
Starting with last year's SS collection
"Rough Rich Women"

I fell in love with Emoda and Ena Matsumoto with this collection ^w^

Personally I love black and white,
so I love how she matched floral patterns and shots of colours with black and white.

Below are pictures from the Touch Me fashion show~


And here is last year's AW collection,
"Neo Vintage"


Here is a quick sneak peak of this year's SS collection!!
"Mode Exotic"

I have a lot more pictures to show you guys from this year's collection
so do remember to check it out when I upload them again another time!!

And of course,
here coordinating skills are abosolutely phenomenal!!
I love how she can make casual wear look sooo fashionable o(>~<)o
Here are here looks from 2010..

And these are 2011 ^o^

Can you see why she is my idol for fashion?!! >.<

And gosh..
She's so pretty I can't stop staring at her face O.O
Ok sorry, I must sound very creepy and stalkerish now =.=

And guess what people!!


I know right..
It's such an honour o(>~<)o
Please excuse my retarded happy looking face in the picture with her..

I manage to get her autograph too #^.^#
Happy happy~

Pictures from Ena Matsumoto's Blog,