Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Introducing Ena Matsumoto & EMODA

I will be introducing to you guys my favourite Japanese designer and brand,
Ena Matsumoto and her clothing line EMODA.

Ena Matsumoto is a young fashion producer of her own mode kei brand, Emoda.
(Don't know what is mode kei? Click here )


Like Momoko Ogihara, Ena is the face of her own brand
and she has covered and featured in tons of Japanese magazines.
(Click here to read about Momoko Ogihara)

I must say, Ena Matsumoto and her brand is geting VERY POPULAR!!
So far her brand has released 3 brand books and 2 magazines
and on top of that Ena had her own photobook!!

I would think that she is more popular than Momoko in Japan >.<

If that's not enough her brand has launched a line of false lashes and Ena even released her own single!!

And MTV did an episode of her and her brand twice..
Below is the video of the first part~

She is successful no doubt,
but this girl is working hard man.. =.=

So here's the fun part ^o^
I will be showing you pictures from previous collections~
Starting with last year's SS collection
"Rough Rich Women"

I fell in love with Emoda and Ena Matsumoto with this collection ^w^

Personally I love black and white,
so I love how she matched floral patterns and shots of colours with black and white.

Below are pictures from the Touch Me fashion show~


And here is last year's AW collection,
"Neo Vintage"


Here is a quick sneak peak of this year's SS collection!!
"Mode Exotic"

I have a lot more pictures to show you guys from this year's collection
so do remember to check it out when I upload them again another time!!

And of course,
here coordinating skills are abosolutely phenomenal!!
I love how she can make casual wear look sooo fashionable o(>~<)o
Here are here looks from 2010..

And these are 2011 ^o^

Can you see why she is my idol for fashion?!! >.<

And gosh..
She's so pretty I can't stop staring at her face O.O
Ok sorry, I must sound very creepy and stalkerish now =.=

And guess what people!!


I know right..
It's such an honour o(>~<)o
Please excuse my retarded happy looking face in the picture with her..

I manage to get her autograph too #^.^#
Happy happy~

Pictures from Ena Matsumoto's Blog,


  1. You met her????? Your sooooo lucky!!!!!

  2. I think I'm starting to like Emoda too! :)

  3. Hello,

    I am also fellow Ena's fan who got to meet her in Singapore too! Glad to chance upon your informative blog! :)

    1. Hey I just saw your comment! Sorry >.<
      I thought I saw you on her blog.. Haha
      Btw are you the one who did Marble Collection too??

    2. Hey Yukie,

      Yes, I was the one who did Marble Collection too and I saw you at the JRunway event too ^^

  4. You're so lucky you met her!
    I will never meet her because I live whole the way in Belgium.

    1. Belgium? That sound cool! Haha
      But maybe you'll have a chance when you go to Japan ^_^
      I guess you are a fan of Emoda like me?