Sunday, July 22, 2012

Decorative Lash in Singapore

Super delayed post.. Lol

Sometime ago I was invited to an event to be the first few girls to try out Decorative Lash in Singapore!!

I went down straight to the coorperate office who distributes these lashes itself O.O
Pretty nerve racking to visit such a big coorperate knowing that
the company distributes a big percentage of Japanese products in Singapore..

Anyway good news my kawaii friends,
Decorative Lash has come to Singapore! \(^o^)/
Clap clap~

Below is a commercial of Decorative Lash in Japan
and some of the pictures from the promotional photoshoot~

The model's name is Suzuki Emi ^w^
Isn't she pretty?
Till today she is one of my favourite Japanese model~

And here are the pictures of the event!!
I wasn't alone, there were other gyaru girls and bloggers ^o^


Pretty gyaru girls putting on make up and trying the lashes~

Here's the thing..
Although these products might seem to be meant for gyarus only, let me point out that
You don't have to be gyaru to wear false lashes!!

I wear false lashes but I'm not gyaru ^_^
Of course, I don't wear my lashes as thick as those real gyarus out there though =.=
Like Suzuki Emi is not gyaru,
but she is the spokes person for Decorative Lash.
It is a common mistunderstanding that false lashes = gyaru
but REAL gyarus are more then their lashes.
Do ask google if you need some answers on that ^o^

I recommend these Japanese gyaru-based lashes because they usually last longer!!

And for those girls who like just a little boost for their lashes like me
but still wanna keep it natural looking,
I suggest you choose a less thick set of lashes like the ones I chose here ↓↓

Often demi lashes are the best to keep it simple!! (^o^)b

After make-up!!

Me taking a picture with Sochii's camera~

Gosh the gyaru look suits her ridiculously O.O
I must say I don't often see Singaporean girls who can pull off the gyaru look completely..
She's one of them..

Made new friends!!

This is Sara-chan beside Sochii~

めっちゃ可愛い子だった ^w^

After that we wrote short messages on the board,
and we took a group picture!!

And we totally trashed the office when we left.. Lol

These lashes are out in certain watsons stores now!!
I know that the one at vivo city sells them for sure ^o^

That's all, see you~

Pictures from Sochii and


  1. AnonymousJuly 23, 2012

    What is gyaru exactly? Thanks

  2. Those lashes look pretty cool!! What a pity that the page isn't in english. I like those lashes because they aren't so "excessive" than other gyaru lashes. I will be pleased to follow each other and I'll try to post both in spanish and english^^

  3. Chanced upon your blog ans enjoy reading it!

  4. Hi there Yukie-chan!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for link back. I'm so grateful to find this awesome blog. Yeah I love your post too! And I love falsie.. :P
    My colleague will find it too exaggerate to wear to work. So I usually wore when I am out for dating. :D
    Nice to meet you!

    1. Nice to meet you too!! And thank you~

  5. OMG I love false eyelashes too!!

  6. Thx for following my blog and for your nice comment!
    I would love to follow your blog too, since it's pretty and cute <3 Keep going ;3!