Monday, July 30, 2012

Introducing Wakatsuki Chinatsu and WC 2012 Spring Summer Collection

Hello hello (^o^)/
This post is again about another popular band and designer in Japan!!

First let me tell you who is the pretty girl in the image above,
here name is Wakatsuki Chinatsu
and she owns a clothing line and franchise called

Wakatsuki Chinatsu started off as a gravure idol,
then she did a few jobs as an actress before she became one of Japan's
most recognised faces in the fashion industry as a model and designer!!

Her face and her brand is EXTREMELY POPULAR among young girls in Japan!!
And so is the character of her brand called "Kumtan" ↓↓

This mascot has also come an icon in the commercial industry and
it has branched out to more than just fashion.

Although she likes to pose in a silly and childish manner in front of the camera,
her success is really nothing to be laughed at..
And all that in a young age o.O

Wakatsuki Chinatsu's direction and style is truely interesting and unique!!
I love how loud and crazy all her ideas and graphics are o(>~<)o

More pictures of WC's street style

Okay, now here's the 2012 Spring Summer Collection of WC!! Enjoy~

This is what I love about Wakatsuki Chinatsu,
instead of having a typical young and thin model
she hired an old lady to pose of her season collections!!

Its a bit strange I know.. But somehow its still cool!! ^o^

This is by far my favourite WC item!! o(>~<)o
Tomato and banana sweaters!! How cute~~~~~~

WC franchise goods~

Pictures from,
Wakatsuki Chinatsu's Blog

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  1. oh i love wc!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥