Tuesday, October 30, 2012

JRunway Store in Singapore

Exciting news people!!
Another Japanese clothing store has opened in Singapore \(^o^)/

やったにゃん ^w^
And this time, its not just one brand..
But a total of
33 Japanese Brands!!
Omg right?? Hahaha

JRunway Store a collaborative store where they place goods from the various brands in a single outlet!!
And this store can be found inside the newly renovated Plaza Singapura ↑↑

Famous Singaporean blogger Qiu Qiu was part of the promotion too!!
And now I'm here to show you pictures of some of the brands that you will find at JRunway ^o^
There are MANY popular brands like

「Spiral Girl」

Casual wear

「Royal Party」

Funky brand


The denim seires by Vaquish is nice..

And not to mention

I'm seriously over the moon now o(>~<)o
Finally an Emoda store in Singapore!!

Popular cosmetic brand

Below is a commercial for you to see ^w^
It's very pretty~~

Other Japanese brands like
LHP, Coen, Retro Girl, Abisite, Atmos..etc
So you get it,
there is alot alot of Japanese brands ^_^''

Visit their website for more info
or go like their facebook page to support them k?!!
The shop is already open so do head down if you liked what you see~
Banzai to Japanese Fashion (/^w^)/
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  1. So good... I wish there was emoda in malaysia too :(

    1. Fear not!! There is Emoda Global now (^o^)/

  2. Royal party looks too cute ♥♥♥