Saturday, February 16, 2013

CNY Give Away Winners

Hey readers ^o^
So some of you might know that I did my first ever give away recently~
For a first Give Away,
the response was not bad I guess~
Much better than what I had imagined though.. Haha
So I numbered ALL those who participated
according to the comments made ^w^
And the lucky winner is.......
Teruturu Terumi-chan!!!
Congratulations \(^o^)/
You get to have a set of Diamond Lash,
Nude Eyetapes, Shibuya 109 Make-up Brush Set
and a Liza Lisa Mirror!!
Happy for you~
And to the others who participated..
I'm sorry!!
If I had endless supplies of make-up goods I would give them out to all of you guys >.<
But thank you so much for your support!
remember when I said that I will give "special attention"
to those who shared the post on their facebook or blog?
Actually, there is a small second prize!
Those who had shared the post are the following and numbered accordingly:
1. celestialrainafall
2. Lisa Hess
3. Eugenia Lourenco
4. Fuyu Bani
5. babalisme

And so congratulations to
I will be giving you............

A Dolly Wink Mascara!!!
I bet you didn't expect that!!
Hopefully the winners would share about their win on their facebook or blog ^w^
That's all you guys!!
Thanks so much for your participation & support again~
I promise there will be more give aways ^o^
Happy Chinese New Year~


  1. congrats to the winners!

  2. I wish I saw your giveaway earlier!!! > . <