Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Instagram Food Diary #3

Hi hi~ (^o^)/
So it's been quite a while since my last
instagram food diary update so..
Starting off with some of the stuff I eat at home~

Tofu cheese cake from Sun & Moon Restaurant ↓↓
Major LOVE!!!!

Believe it or not,
all the pictures above (except for the tofu cheesecake)
are home ooked food ^w^
My Japanese mama is a great cook so,
it's always a yummy and healthy meal at Yukie's house! Haha!!
I made this one~ ↓↓

Japanese rice crakers ^o^

This is super random but,
recently I found an old picture of my sister and I in..
You can see it yourself =.=

It was such an epic moment!!
I couldn't stop laughing!!! Hahaha

Chirstmas dinner with family friends~

And about 2 weeks ago,
I have officially started my vegetarian diet again.
Its something healthy I like to do every now and then~
Well I do give in to meat at parties once in a while.. Oops!

And for the last part of this post,
instagram food diary photos from my recent trip to Japan!

This dutch pancake was an absolute YUM ♥♥

Leopard print Tokyo Bananas o(>~<)o
Too cute right?!!

Only in Japan.. Sigh..

Photos from my onsen trip~

Visitng cafes in Tokyo ^o^

Beautiful right?
Below are the links to the full posts.

And there is a picture of me in my bed with my eyemasks on
coz I haven't been getting enough sleep lately.. Lol
Good night people~


  1. yummy ! Looks so delicious ! *__*

    Haa! This photo is really nice!
    Your sister and you are so cute! ^^

  2. Omg all the foood... Feeed meeeeeeeeh *~*

    I'm definitely going to try to go to some of the cafes in Tokyo when I visit in a couple months! Love all the presentation and ambience!

    1. Japanese restaurants and cafes are the best!!

  3. i love how you create composition of the photograph
    i myself is an instagram addict