Saturday, April 27, 2013

Outfit Today #20

Yesterday's outfit of the day ♪
Emoda Snap Muse inspired coordinate~
Top / トップ : H&M
Skirt / スカート : Nichi
Bag / バッグ : Accessorize
Accessories / アクセサリー : Lovisa
Shoes / シューズ : Rubi Shoes


For the Snap Muse collection,
these kind of imitation necklaces
as well as royal green & blue were super in!!
Still love them till today~
That is all today~
Off to do school work for me now TT__TT

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mickey Mouse Pancakes

Evening ^o^
One day for breakfast I attempted my very first
Mickey Mouse Pancake!!
I bought those ↑↑ during one of my trips to Japan.
They don't sell these kinda stuff in Singapore =.=
So first, making the pancake dough of course~
I'm not going to flatter myself, I just used one of those instant mix packages..
But then again,
who doesn't?! LOL
Pouring the dough into the Mickey Mouse plate~
(I'm calling it a plate because the package says so in Japanese)
Then after 2 minutes on one side,
remove the plate and cook the other side!!
Here's so show you the heart shaped one that failed epically..
And here's the finished product!! \(^o^)/
Isn't it absolutely endearing???? 
I love disney o(>~<)o
Actually this is nothing big,
its really simple and completely idiot proof.. Haha!!
You just need the Mickey plate/cast~
Maybe when I go to Japan the next time I'll get more of these kinda stuff,
and then do a giveway to you guys!!
What do ya think?!

Monday, April 22, 2013

New Teal Coloured Nails

ネイルの色を変えました ♥
Hi hi~
I changed the colour of my nails, AGAIN!
This time I chose a more spontaneous colour!
The actual colour is less bright but because of the photo filter
it kinda looks like turquoise now =.=
Did you know that Rubi Shoes sells nail polish too?!!
And they have pretty nice shades of colour as well!!
Really cheap too~
And I'm loving my new top my sister got me from Japan ↓↓
It's a really interesting material,
I wish I could take a picture of how it feels like when you touch it but..
Oh well~ ^w^
Short post!
Hope you like it,
see you (^o^)/

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vogue Girl Japan Scanlation

Hi everyone!
I manage to get my hands on the recent issue of Vogue Girl Japan
so I thought I'd share it with you guys~
Its going to be ALL images from here so enjoy (^o^)/

One of my favourite Japanese models,
Mizuhara Kiko ↓↓

I spot Murua shoes here~~ ↑↑

LOVE monochrome fashion ♥ ♥

Layering see-throughs ↑↑
I've always wanted to try this style~

Doesn't this model look a bit like a female version of Ueda from Kattun??!!
I swear she kinda does!!

Long post ^w^
Hope you liked it!
Pictures from Vogue Girl Japan