Sunday, June 30, 2013

Introducing Japanese Photographer Hideaki Hamada

All photographs in post belong to
Hideaki Hamada

Hi fellas how is your sunday?
Today's going to be a long photo post!

So recently in school my friend Abby showed me the lastest issue of Kinfolk,
and I guess I especially loved that issue because it was a about Japan.
And that was when I got to know of this amazing photographer,
Hideaki Hama

Before I show you more of his photographs let me briefly tell you about him~
So Hideaki Hamada is a photographer based in Osaka, Japan.
And I think you can tell that his photographic works
are mainly about his two sons..
And just about the most adorable sons I've ever seen!! Lol

His works are so heart warming.. Which is what captured me 
And each photography tells such a subtle story.
I know this is a random and unusual post for my blog,
but I'd really love to share these kinda things with you as well!

Not going to say much for now,
enjoy the photographs~

How did you find these pictures?
Almost mesmerising right?? Hahaha

Another reason why I wanted to share this with you is because
this photographer captures 'Japanese lifestyle' so well.
He really brings out the essence of daily lives in Japan.
From the neighbourhood playgrounds
to the indoor slippers you see at Japanese schools.

Hope you liked it!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

J Diary Ep #4 - Ramen

Hey guys~

Another episode of J Diary is UP!!

And I'm sure most of you will like this one..

That's right!
It was ALL about Ramen guys ^o^

Watch the episode NOW

As usual, I think it takes time before
you can find your youtube videos on search engines..

So for this episode, we talked about
northern and southern style Ramens.
Types of food in Japan can vary when you go to
different areas of the country.

So the first Ramen shop we went was Japan's
southern style Ramen!
And to be more precise,
Kagoshima Prefecture Ramen

This was genuinely my first time at
Menya Sanji
and I really must say that their soup is AMAZING!
I have never seen or tasted a more milky and rich
ramen soup in Singapore!!

They use medium sized noodles,
which was just nice in my opinion cause their soup can be
quite filling by itself.

And you guys HAVE to try the Ramen I ate on the show ↑↑
Black Sesame Ramen

The name itself sounds cool right??
I didn't know black sesame would ever taste good with Ramen ^w^

And their char siew was nice and juicy~~
Who doesn't love a nice tasty char siew soaked in rich Ramen soup??

And here's Ramen shop number 2 we visited (^o^)/

And they served Hokkaido Ramen
which is located north of Japan.

Miharu serves authentic Sapporo Ramen,
and their pretty famous for their 'Special Miso Ramen'

But the highlight of that place is their

Tsukemen is basically.. dipping noodles?

So like I explained in the show,
Tsukemen serves the noodles separately so
you just need to dip it in the 'sauce' to eat it ^o^


I remember my DOP and producers trying it
and they were in awe man! Haha

So here's their signature
'Special Miso Ramenthat I mentioned earlier.

Looks good too right?

Now, here's some behind the scenes photos ^o^

Haha I just had to share this picture..
Manami-san's expression looks too cute here ↓↓

Nervous little me on set..
Being in front of the camera is not easy guys =.=

Haha cute photo after filming with Miharu's shop manager~

Big thank you to Kaori-san and Manami-san \(^o^)/
Thank you for being on J Diary~

And of course my crew for your hard work!!
It takes quite some time and effort for them to film
and edit one episode you know!

Click here to watch the previous episode!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hair cut & colour at Monso Hair Design Tokyo

Sponsored Post

Hi my readers!

I've been kept real busy this year and so I can't remember
when was the last time I coloured or gave my hair a treatment =.=
I apologize.. I must sound like a cave man now..

Fortunately for me, a Japanese salon,
Monso Hair Design Tokyo
called for me in my time of need! Hahaha

And so,
I went down for a hair cut ^w^

Located at Gallery Hotel,
the first thing I noticed when I walked into the salon was that
the place was nice and bright!
And I don't know why but the whole salon had calm and soothing ambience.
Maybe it had to do with the scent of the place too~

Okay, time for my hair cut ^w^

I was flipping through magazines and pictures on my instagram
to find an inspiration of what hair cut and colour I wanted this time..
And I think the warm shades of colours are coming back in trend
so I decided to go for a dark red brown ↓↓

Colour time~

And I must say that I had one of the nicest shampoo service here!
Even at the last part where they wrap your head with the towel,
they gave me a head massage with the towel~
I kinda fell asleep cause it was so relaxing #^.^#
And I got a treatment for my damaged hair too \(^o^)/
This treatment you see here ↓↓
is called "Supersonic Treatment"
And apparently Monso Hair Design Tokyo is the only place
in Singapore that provides this treatment service..

This Supersonic Treatment basically uses 'supersonic' energy/light technology to
help the proteins and minerals in your hair treatment condition
penetrate directly into the hair cortex
Your damaged hair will recover directly without heating and swelling,
or causing less expansion of hair cuticles! 

After that,
hair steaming time for some moisture~~

Look at this soft hair and healthy shine!!

A photo of me and my hair stylist Maki-san!

During the whole process we are chatting non-stop
and getting to know each other! Haha
She was so shocked when I first spoke to her in Japanese
because I guess she thought that I was a full Singaporean blogger..

The staff at Monso Hair Design Tokyo were all friendly like her ^o^
And as usual Japanese service don't disappoint!

Okay, I took a few more shots when I got home,
but the curl kinda died down by then so..
Forgive me >.<

Super duper love this hair colour!!

It turned out to be such a rich shade of red!
And I think I forgot to mention that Monso Hair Design Tokyo
uses a brand of dye that I've never seen in Singapore before so..
Maybe that's why ^w^

Monso Hair Design Tokyo is located at
The Gallery Hotel Singapore
Robertson Quay
Singapore 238909

Phone:6836 5585

That's all folks!

See you