Friday, June 21, 2013

Hair cut & colour at Monso Hair Design Tokyo

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Hi my readers!

I've been kept real busy this year and so I can't remember
when was the last time I coloured or gave my hair a treatment =.=
I apologize.. I must sound like a cave man now..

Fortunately for me, a Japanese salon,
Monso Hair Design Tokyo
called for me in my time of need! Hahaha

And so,
I went down for a hair cut ^w^

Located at Gallery Hotel,
the first thing I noticed when I walked into the salon was that
the place was nice and bright!
And I don't know why but the whole salon had calm and soothing ambience.
Maybe it had to do with the scent of the place too~

Okay, time for my hair cut ^w^

I was flipping through magazines and pictures on my instagram
to find an inspiration of what hair cut and colour I wanted this time..
And I think the warm shades of colours are coming back in trend
so I decided to go for a dark red brown ↓↓

Colour time~

And I must say that I had one of the nicest shampoo service here!
Even at the last part where they wrap your head with the towel,
they gave me a head massage with the towel~
I kinda fell asleep cause it was so relaxing #^.^#
And I got a treatment for my damaged hair too \(^o^)/
This treatment you see here ↓↓
is called "Supersonic Treatment"
And apparently Monso Hair Design Tokyo is the only place
in Singapore that provides this treatment service..

This Supersonic Treatment basically uses 'supersonic' energy/light technology to
help the proteins and minerals in your hair treatment condition
penetrate directly into the hair cortex
Your damaged hair will recover directly without heating and swelling,
or causing less expansion of hair cuticles! 

After that,
hair steaming time for some moisture~~

Look at this soft hair and healthy shine!!

A photo of me and my hair stylist Maki-san!

During the whole process we are chatting non-stop
and getting to know each other! Haha
She was so shocked when I first spoke to her in Japanese
because I guess she thought that I was a full Singaporean blogger..

The staff at Monso Hair Design Tokyo were all friendly like her ^o^
And as usual Japanese service don't disappoint!

Okay, I took a few more shots when I got home,
but the curl kinda died down by then so..
Forgive me >.<

Super duper love this hair colour!!

It turned out to be such a rich shade of red!
And I think I forgot to mention that Monso Hair Design Tokyo
uses a brand of dye that I've never seen in Singapore before so..
Maybe that's why ^w^

Monso Hair Design Tokyo is located at
The Gallery Hotel Singapore
Robertson Quay
Singapore 238909

Phone:6836 5585

That's all folks!

See you 


  1. Aaaaaaawwwww you look amazing with that haircut and colour!!! *0*
    What an amazing experience being sponsorized for having a full hair treatment *0*
    Enjoy your new look!! ^0^

  2. mikan chanJune 23, 2013

    ahhhh you are so pretty > . <

  3. AnonymousJune 23, 2013

    Hello. Can I ask how much does it cost to get a hair colour here? Thank you :)

    1. About 100-160 SGD depending on your hair length ^_^

    2. AnonymousJune 29, 2013

      Oh okay! Thank you :D

  4. Hi, hope u dun mind me asking.
    Chance upon ur blog while searching for monso.
    Planning to go down monso for hair services.
    But dunno which female stylist to look for. or whether to go gallery hotel or tanjong pagar branch
    How is maki-san skills? hee