Sunday, August 25, 2013

Introducing STUSSY Tokyo

Another fashion post!

I've been wanting to share with you guys
a super spunky brand called

STUSSY is actually an American based fashion line,
but they have become a very international brand.

But for this post I want to show you guys the stuff available
in Japan's STUSSY market~
I think products placed at stores often vary depending on the country
even when its the same brand.
Here's what's in store in Japan~


This brand even started a lifestyle line,
go check it out!!

And now, here's a lookbook produced by STUSSY Japan.

Love the neon zipper at the back ↑↑

The pop of orange on the black top is so nice!!
I like the grey pants with it too ↓↓
Black + orange + grey,
I think I need to try this colour combination~

The top and the shorts on the left here ↓↓

That's all guys!
Good night~

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