Sunday, October 20, 2013

Asian Skin Solutions

Hi beautifuls!

Recently I had a facial session at Asian Skin Solutions
and I had a really relaxing and satisfying experience.

Lately I’ve under quite a bit of stress due to work,
lack of sleep, snacking on unhealthy food and all..
And that’s when I get breakouts and redness around my face
especially around my forehead ↓↓

I’m sure a lot of you lads have the same problem.
I don’t always have flawless skin, my skin has mood swings too.
And then there’s that one or two annoying friends who have natural flawless skin (LOL)

But like anything else on this planet, 
we need to take care of our facial skin for it to be healthy and beautiful!
And I do believe that going for facials is one of the answer!

All the staff at Asian Skin Solutions were friendly!
And after filling in some forms and particulars,
it was time to get my skin checked!!
I was nervous because I’m not very proud of my complexion.. Haha

I had a personalised skin analysis done by a professional
(in my case the salon manager Jade herself haha)
and I had some good, and GHASTLY results!!

My facial skin was not graded as oily,
but it was low in moisture, collagen and SUPER HIGH IN DEAD SKIN CELLS!!

I really do not like having oily skin..
So to prevent my skin from producing that shiny layer of oil on my face,
I thought moisturising less would help. And for a while I believed it worked.
But apparently I was told here that when your skin is dehydrated
your oil glands will produce more oil to condition your face!
And in the end, it’ll just be oily and clogged.

And without sufficient collagen, your skin will sag more when your older! Noooo~

Now off to start the pampering!

The room smelled nice and there were flowers on the bed!
So sweet~

Based on a the skin analysis don earlier,
I had a customised facial treatment package.

I had quite a few things done during my entire process there.
It all felt so refreshing and relaxing I swear I fell asleep half way!

Jade had kindly written down a the list for me:
I did a
1) Double Cleanse
2) Scrub
3) Steam (This was so nice!)
4) Comedone Lotion
5) HF + PH Formula
6) Face Massage (Even better!)
7) Eye Massage
8) Face Cryoeal Macuine
+ PH Formula (Superb! My face got brighter almost instantly!)
9) Face Mask
10) Soft Mask
11) Shoulder Massage

Now here’s a pretty eerie photo of me in a face mask.

And if you think it’s done..

I had another layer on!!

Now, you can’t even see my eyes!

Sorry, I found this amusing because I only got to see how I looked
after I got home and browsed through my camera!

Ending off with a nice shoulder massage.

And look!
I was served hot tea with cake even after my facial.
Too kind!

Now I know what you’re thinking..
How was the end result?
Was it effective?

To be honest and fair,
nothing shows results overnight.
I do think that your skin improves over a few sessions!

But I can tell you that after one week,
I noticed that my skin became brighter, the redness around my forehead
went down and most importantly, MUCH LESS DRY!

I still have imperfections here and there but,
I think I need to fix my diet to fix that! >.<

Here’s a better photo of me in make-up.

You gotta admit,
make-up sits and looks better on healthier skin!

And guess what guys!
Thanks to Asian Skin Solutions,
you get a special offer from reading this post!!

All you have to do is:

Leave your details and sign up at this link

Terms and Conditions to apply:
- Above 18 years old and above only
- Strictly by appointment only.
- Promotion valid for 2 months

Asian Skin Solutions is located at:
Parkmall 9 Penang Road #11-04 Spore 238459
Bugis Village 154 Rochor Road Singapore 18842

You can call 6767 0077 to book an appointment!

Have a lovely week ahead guys~


  1. that looks like an AMAZING place *___*

  2. How much does it cost on average at this salon?

    1. $70-$200 if I recalled right! Depending on your skin analysis and the treatment recommended after that.

  3. Awww! Why it is only for above 18 :(

  4. What moisturizing cream can do you recommend for dehydrated skin? I'm having that problem currently too.