Saturday, November 30, 2013

Getting In Shape!

It's almost december!
And somehow my schedule is full this Christmas..
With photoshoots and filmings! 
Can't complain though.

And so.. Let the diet begin!

12月いろんな撮影でスケジュールいっぱいだぁ! 汗

Organic bread ↑↑

I'm a food lover.
Unlike my younger sister who has been scrawny her whole life, I ate what I like.
Nothing stopped me..
Hey, we only have one life right?

So as of yesterday, I started going back to the gym and eat clean.

Today's lunch was Japanese vegetable soup and goma spinach.
This goma spinach is my mom's dish. Crazy healthy but satisfying! 

Anyone wants the recipe?

Still pumping green tea everyday.
I hope my skin will improve eventually!

I'm not a fitness/health expert,
but here's a few tips that i've been using:

1) Tea is a natural appetite suppressant
Tea carries an effect on your hormones, which activates the
sympathetic nervous system. Like reducing the desire for food.

2) Don't just eat vegetables, eat a balance/variety of vegetables!
My Japanese mom is all about eating a good range of vegetables,
and so is the same for many Japanese people!
Maybe it's one of their secrets to longevity.

Hope my diet goes well (lol)
Will share all of my methods if I manage to prove they work.

By the way!
I've started using Dayre
It's a mobile app for blogs!
So feel free to follow me there as well ^w^
I will keep this blog and Dayre synced!

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  1. The goma spinach looks tasty and healthy ! It would reaaaally be great if you could post up the recipe !
    Thank you !