Wednesday, December 25, 2013

TMA Christmas Favourites

Hi loves! Merry Christmas!!
I hope you have planned something special with your loved ones this year.

This post came a little late but here's to share
with you come of my favourite holiday items.

I'm not paid to write this post so, here we go!

I love Jazz and Easy listening music.Especially in Christmas songs!
There's this CD I bought called "Cafe Christmas↑↑
and though I bought it last year in Tokyo, it's been my favourite till now.

And when I think of Christmas, I think of.. Chocolate!
(Actually for me it's always chocolate time lol)

I recently chanced upon this beautiful chocolate bar brand, Mast Brothers
at Jones the grocer located at Mandarin Gallery and Dempsey.
To be honest I fell in love with their range of package designs first.
But they do taste as good! 

Another Christmas favourite of mine this year would be this recipe book of Cream Puffs.
Ranging from sweet to savoury cream puffs!

My sister is baking a recipe from this book in the kitchen
as I am writing this post!
Will be sure to share some pictures on my Instagram.
If it turns out well (lol)

Favourite tea of this season!

Lupica English Caramel Tea. It's a Japanese brand.
And they opened a store this year in Singapore!
My mom and I were psyched when we found an outlet at Great World City.
Lovely tea house, do give it a try.

Pecan Cookies that go straight to my thighs ↑↑ 

My favourite accessory this holiday had got to be
this Daniel Wellington watch I received from them.
'Classic Cardiff Lady' design in Rosegold.

Click here to read the full review on this watches.

Revlon's Rose Velvet Matt Lipstick is the colour of this season for me!
I've been wearing it a lot. To school, casual dinners and all!
Its a softer version of a red lip.
Almost like a wine colour finish.

I like matt textures for my make-up,
but for those of you who wan't a little shine try ORBIS Lip Gloss.
It sits so well! I was impressed.

I've also been addicted to Ivoire Balmain's Body Lotion
and Missha's Choco Cacao Scrub!
I don't think these two products in particular becoming a lifelong companion of mine,
but it's definitely fun to use to have some excitement in your beauty routines.

Lovisa's necklace that I wore in my previous Christmas Oufit Post.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Sorry if I usually don't write much.
I'm a person of few words but I'd like to think that
I try to show them through my photos.

And finally, my second giveaway on my blog!

I'm giving away one Missha Choco Cacao Srub.
It's a fun scrub! Should try!

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Do send me an email of a screenshot if you do though.

This giveaway is open until 12 January 2014.
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Good luck!
Merry Christmas again and have a blessed New Year.


  1. The packaging for the chocolate looks absolutely gorgeous!! If only they have things like this in America u_u
    Oh and I've been following you on Bloglovin' (karenln) and Instagram (sentimental__circus) for awhile now! ^^
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    Thanks for doing this giveaway! I look forward to reading more of your posts, especially your fashion ones <3

  2. The photos look so lovely!
    I'm following you in Imotiv and Instagram (@HanieKuar) :)
    Merry Christmas!

  3. OMG Missha's scrub! Been eyeing for that for a while already :) I've been following you on Blogger for a few months I think, because your fashion posts are so pretty! I think I came here via Xiaxue's post on Tsubasa Masuwaka where you became her translator... Such cool experience <3
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    Merry Xmas!

  4. I'm using the same Revlon lipstick too!! And Lupica has a store here?? I so did not know that. haha.
    Anyway, thanks for organizing this giveaway!
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  6. I've never tried Revlon lipsticks but that Rose Velvet Matt Lipstick is so pretty with the gloss!

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