Friday, March 14, 2014

Yukie for Beauty-Pati

I'm excited to finally tell you that I worked with a new site called
Beauty Patisserie

They are a upcoming beauty website presenting the latest make-up trends, beauty news,
skincare tips, 
and blogs by Japanese beauty experts!

Singapore could use a good doze of professional Japanese beauty advice.
And this is the site we've been waiting for!
Personally, I really have become a fan of this site.
They really do have an array of Japanese beauty products to introduce,
and their contents are well presented too.

Tobi-san, the lady who runs this site, has inspiring visions and insights.
I have become a fan of her too.

The best part is that they have Japanese beauty professionals as columnists on their website!
1. Mawaki Yamamoto  Popular Makeup Artist
2. Tatsuya Yumoto – Renowned Hair Maestro

And I had a wonderful opportunity to work with Mawaki-san for Beauty-Pati TV 
In the make-up tutorial video he shares his step by step tips on how he does his make-up for girls.
In the video his did 2 looks on me, both a 'Natural' and 'Gorgeous' look.
You may watch the video on their website!

Filming the video was nerve racking at first, because I'm actually really camera shy.
And neither do I have a sharp face or perfect skin..
I wish I was a better model for Mawaki-san, but he was extremely polite and professional.

Mawaki-san is well-known for his ability to enhance the natural beauty of women.
I have heard of him and got to know him before this video.
Go to his facebook page to see his portfolio!

Beauty-Pati has great giveaways!
And they are quality products too. That really makes the cherry on the top.
Even I'm tempted to participate.. Haha

Don't forget to follow Beauty-Pati on Facebook and Instagram
to stay updated on their activities and giveaways!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Cream

It’s been quite some time since I made my last post.
And it’s great to be back and blogging!

Concentrating on my graduation project for a long hard four months,
I must admit that I haven’t been taking good care of myself.
I had a fairly unhealthy diet, and I neglected my face and my body’s skin.
Especially my forehead and my upper back skin, they began to crack like
mosaic tiles by the time I was into my third month of my project.

And when it ended, I’m glad Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream came my way.

This is an au-natural herbal cream that was designed for today’s skincare needs
using 100% herbal actives of Aloe Vera and Winter Cherry.
And it’s applicable for you skin and face! You can also use it as a makeup base.

I have tried it out for just a few days now. It’s light and non-greasy,
and within a few applications my skin feels better.
Softer and healthier!

Main Herbal Ingredients in Nourishing Skin Cream:

1. Aloe vera
It possesses properties that help to moisturize and hydrate
the skin and this prevents trans- epidermal water loss .

2. Winter cherry
Also known as Ashvagandha is a stimulant, antiseptic, and
anti-inflammatory. It is used as an anti-oxidant in skin problems
and Indian Kino Tree extract helps to protect your skin from
pollution and dry weather.

And they come in various sizes! I have a smaller size that can fit into my purses
and it’s convenient when I travel, work, and when I’m at the beach or pool.

How to use:
 Apply it all over your body, especially on dry areas like
elbows and knees. For best results, apply regularly!
And this cream works for all skin types.

Prices and where to buy:
 Himalaya products can be purchased at
Watsons/ Guardian/ Unity/ Giant/ Mustafa/
Exclusive Himalaya outlet located at Harbourfront centre #02-70.

Retail price for the Nourishing Skin Cream at 150ml: $12.90 / 50ml: $5.30

Visit their Website here

And… I would like to share and give out this cream to
10 readers for you to try as well!
(1 pcs each)

You just need to comment on this post with your
Name, E-mail address, and also answer this question:
“What is the main herbal ingredient in this multi-uses Nourishing Skin Cream?

Application Ends 15 March

And if you do win, tag me on instagram if you do follow me there! I would like to see!

Cheers to happy, healthy skin!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Outfit Today — 31

Had another outfit shoot recently with Vivien, an old friend of mine.
Wearing the coolest shades from Indiesin
and a men's vintage blazer.

We walked around Dempsey Hill for quite a bit before we
found this beautiful house with mint green walls.
What a pretty colour.
Don't see it much in Singapore!

And excuse my tousled hair. It's not very flattering in these shots.
The truth is that I have very straight hair. And so no matter how much I curl them or
try to lock them down with hairspray they never lasts long!
So after I get my hair and make-up done at home
and by the time we get to the shoot location.. My hair goes down..
But the nicely taken photographs made up for it I think!

I can't get enough of quarter pants lately.
People might think it would make your legs look shorter,
but if paired with the right pair of shoes. It gives a sophisticated edge I believe!

And yup, I was crazy enough to wear a turtle neck in this
summery weather.

Unique shades right?
They are from Indiesin
I bought these quite some time back, but they still never fail to
make every outfit look better.

Photographs by Vivien Tan

It's been a while since I saw her! I'm glad this shoot gave us a chance to catch up a little.
Even grabbed a quick cup of iced teas and coffees after
from Jones at Dempsey which was incredibly refreshing after walking in the sun.

Happy New Year guys!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rakuten Singapore — Online Shopping Time!

Sponsored Post

☆ Happy New Year ☆

The new year brings new pages and new chances,
including chances for you to give yourself an excuse to shop!
(Haha please excuse me)

And here is where I would like to introduce

Rakuten is mass online store that mainly imports
Japanese goods to global regions.

With courtesy of Nuffnang, I got do a little shopping on Rakuten.
And I haven't had so much fun shopping online I must say!
They seem to have everything!! Literally.

Look at the categories they have ↓↓ 

To be frank, personally I am not a big fan of online shopping.
I think I mentioned this on one of my recent posts,
I always become a little skeptical when it comes to shopping online.
But I really enjoyed my shopping experience on Rakuten!
本当に何でもあって楽しかった ♪

Here's to share with you what I got from Rakuten:

First I bought a pair of super cute socks from Happy Socks.
Oh I just love Happy Socks! Look at these playful colours and designs!

And I ended up inviting my sister on my shopping spree on Rakuten,
so together we decided to get this ↓↓

It's a Macaroon making kit!
Apparantly this Japanese kitchenware brand Lekue has a lot of stuff
designed and made easy to use!

I would say this was my most exciting buy!

I splurged a little on some skin care products.
Been wanting to try out the infamous snail masks!

I decided to buy some things for you guys as well!
Happiness should be shared right? Haha
I made these selections myself!

There are 3 products to be given away to 3 winners here:




Here's how to enter this giveaway:

1) Sign up and create an account on Rakuten Sg

2) 'Like' Rakuten Sg on Facebook

3) Leave a comment on this post with
the email address you used to sign up for your account
(for verification purposes)

This giveaway will end 26th Jan 2014

I really do recommend you to try surfing around
You might really find some interesting things,
or things you have been looking for.